It is a tool management system developed by the company Roboteck, automated for the management of CNC tools.

It effectively manages the tools used in the machining process, thus speeding up the process change, saving time and increasing productivity. 

In addition to this, the system has its own internal tool life control, which makes the CNC Reader system easier for the user in the machining process.

RFID Technology

Using standardized RFID technology for tool identification ensures data security.

  • The RFID TAG comes within the range of the sensor for reading.
  • CNC READER reads the data and displays it on the screen.
  • The information inside the CNC is automatically updated by CNC READER.
  • CNC READER guides the user with the data found on the TAG.

Benefits of the CNC READER

  • Automatically manage tool life by eliminating human error.
  • Resource Saving.
  • Minimizing Cycle Time.
  • Improves Productivity.

System Features

  • Real-time monitoring of CNC status.
    Ability to read and modify tool offset values on the CNC.
  • Tool life management integrated in the system.
  • Tool management through RFID.
  • Possibility to modify and adjust tool information in RFID.
  • User permissions with the possibility of managing user levels according to rank.
  • User Management for System Administrator only.
  • Languages Spanish and English.
  • Possibility of using touch interface or conventional interface.
  • Customizable communication settings.
  • Alarm or warning system with end-of-life tools.

CNC Reader Brochure